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Mental Health First Aid training

"The MHFA 2 day programme has been a great addition to our Corporate Training Calendar giving a more positive understanding of Mental Health and an increased knowledge and awareness amongst managers and staff in varying roles. Participant feedback has been wholly positive and has identified benefits in increased confidence in using early intervention techniques, raised awareness of prevalence and an increased ability to signpost. The course is well delivered, is both interactive and fun and uses a range of methods to deliver a strong message that can both challenge and shape provision at an individual, team and organisational level".                                                                                                                                       - Gina Cole, Organisational Development, Burnley Borough Council (11/08/2011)

Mental Health First Aid training
"In February 2011 I started a new job as a Mental Health Carers Support Worker. My role was to support informal, unpaid carers who were looking after someone with mental ill-health. It soon became apparent that the carers were experiencing very stressful caring situations and in order to support them better I enrolled on the above course.
I was hoping to gain a clearer understanding of mental health issues. In fact, I gained a real insight into mental health and mental ill-health. The course was fun, practical and very thought provoking. The tutors were excellent and encouraged group interaction. A wide range of issues were discussed using a variety of resources. Both days were packed with information which was delivered in an easy to understand style and paced just right for everyone there.
I really enjoyed the course and gained a lot of knowledge which has helped me both professionally and personally. At first I thought the course would only be relevant for professionals working within the boundaries of mental health. In fact the course is for everyone, and I would whole heartedly recommend the course for absolutely anyone"
- Kerry Knowles, Mental Health Carers Development Worker, Burnley Lancashire (01/08/11)