Mini Wellbeing Events - 2012

The workplace has a powerful effect on the health of employees. How healthy a person feels affects his or her productivity, and how satisfied they are with their job affects their own health, both physical and psychological. Evidence shows that, when organisations proactively improve their working environments they can benefit from:
• Improved productivity and performance
• Reduced absenteeism and other costs associated with ill health
• Fewer injuries, accidents, and insurance and compensation claims
• Improved employee morale and staff retention
• Employees more receptive to and better able to cope with change
• Enhanced business reputation and corporate responsibility
Lancashire Training Solutions has organised a new series of half-day events at the Lancashire Digital Technology Centre in Burnley to share good practice, discuss the latest guidance and provide practical solutions to improve the wellbeing of your staff. I know many may struggle to take time away from the workplace, so you can be back behind your desk by lunchtime. The event programme and booking form are attached below. Registration and networking starts at 08:30, the programme starts promptly at 09:00, closing by 12:15. Dates for your diary are:
  1. Tuesday 17th April
  2. Tuesday 15th May
  3. Tuesday 12th June
  4. Tuesday 16th October
  5. Thursday 8th November
  6. Tuesday 11th December
Make 2012 the year to have another look at Workplace Health:
“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”  – Anthony Robbins
Full programme information and booking forms are attached below
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26 Feb 2012, 13:56
Jane Summers,
3 Sept 2012, 06:45