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Independent Professional Health Therapist

Pam Kay has 25 years expereince of working in health rehabilitation within the NHS. She is now an independent professional health therapist who integrates therapies to treat both physical and psychological health needs. Pam is a Chartered Physiotherapist and registered Human Givens Therapist specialising in chronic pain management, anxiety, depression and trauma counselling.
What are the 'human givens'?
When we get our basic innate physical and emotional needs met fairly well we are emotionally and mentally healthy. These needs are called 'givens' because they are genetically programmed into us at birth. We experience them as feelings: desires for security, attention, control (volition), love, connection to the community, and the urge to develop competence. We also need to be stretched (not stressed) in order to satisfy our inbuilt urge to feel that our life is meaningful. The need for meaning is another given. To help us meet these needs, nature also gave us resources, including imagination, memory, problem-solving abilities, self-consciousness and a range of different thinking styles to use in changing cicrumstances. It is because these needs and resources are built into our biology that they are known as 'human givens'. When our emotional needs are not met or our resources are used incorrectly, we suffer considerable distress - which can affect those around us.
Why is this approach so effective?
Human givens therapists focus on helping clients identify the unmet emotional need or needs that are disturbing them and help them to do something about it by activating their natural resources in new ways. To do this they use a variety of proven techniques aimed at problem solving and changing emotional responses. The approach draws on findings from psychology and neurobiology about what people need to function well, and international research studies that have established which psychotherapeutic techniques are most effective.
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